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10 Christmas Episodes From Black Sitcoms That I MUST Revisit Every Year

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We are knee-deep into the holiday season, and that means people are engaging in some of their favorite traditions. One of my favorite things to do during this time is watching Christmas movies, but also go back and catch holiday-themed episodes from my favorite sitcoms.

So, let’s take a look at my top 10 favorite Christmas episodes from Black sitcoms.

1. “All God’s Children” — Girlfriends: Season 6, Episode 11

2. “Living Kringle” — Living Single: Season 1, Episode 15

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Synclaire is deep into the Christmas spirit, but her friends neglect her for competing priorities. They eventually all come together and overcome their selfish plans. We also get a very catchy version of “Winter Wonderland” in this episode.  

3. “‘Twas the Night Before Christening” — The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Season 4, Episode 13

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Who will be Nicky’s god-parent, and which family member will give him the best gift are the themes of this episode. Will goes on a quest to deliver Boyz II Men as the musical guest for Nicky’s christening ceremony. He almost messes up, but it works out in the end.

4. “Secret Santa” — The Parkers: Season 3, Episode 11

5. “Scrooge” — Martin: Season 5, Episode 10

6. “I’m Dreaming of a Wayne Christmas” — A Different World: Season 4, Episode 11

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In typical Whitley fashion, she gets caught up doing the absolute most. Trying to impress Dwayne’s mom, she gets mugged after buying an expensive gift but soon learns it’s not about the money. It’s about the thought. Plus, Patti LaBelle is amazing in her role as Dwayne’s mother.

7. “Seven Days of Kwanzaa” — The Proud Family: Season 1, Episode 11

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The Proud Family learns Kwanzaa’s meaning after having an interesting Christmas with a visiting family. This may have been an animated series, but it hit just like real-life sitcoms.

8. “The Traveling Christmas” — Good Times: Season 6, Episode 12

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The irony of this show is that the Evans family had very few good times. But episode after episode, they proved their love and faith mattered most. This Christmas episode was no different as they gather with Keith at his job since he can’t get off work for the holiday.

9. “Black Santa/White Christmas” — Black-ish: Season 1, Episode 10

10. “Christmas Day-Ja Vu” — The Jamie Foxx Show: Season 3, Episode 10

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Talk about a dream. Jamie is forced to relive Christmas Eve until he learns the real meaning of Christmas. The Jamie Foxx Show wasn’t my favorite sitcom, but this episode is a treat.

Christmas episodes are some of my favorite among sitcoms past and present. It also usually signifies the ending of a season and that we low-key only have about a week or so left before the big day.

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