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15 Screenshots Of Roommates Who Are Just Too Spoiled Or Bratty To Cohabitate With

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15 Screenshots Of Roommates Who Are Just Too Spoiled Or Bratty To Cohabitate With

15 Screenshots Of Roommate Texts

1. This roommate who kept missing utility payments:

2. This person who felt that their roommate should start paying more rent because they made more money:

3. This roommate who had ridiculous requirements for college roommates:

4. This person who was seriously going to charge more rent if their female roommate wasn’t “hot”:

5. This self-described “easy-going” roommate who seems to be anything but:

6. This former roommate who expected free food and drink when they went back to pick up a bunch of their stuff MONTHS after moving out:

7. This roommate who asked for money to buy cat food, even though they’d just bought weed:

8. This person who was looking for a quiet roommate, but planned on practicing with their band at the apartment:

9. This person who took their roommate’s car to drive ACROSS THE COUNTRY without their permission:

10. These friends who wanted a roommate who would rarely be at home:

11. This roommate who spent their paycheck too quickly and asked their roommates to get them stuff:

12. This roommate who invited someone to move into their shared apartment rent-free and insisted she be given their parking space:

13. This person who wanted a roommate who would pay for Netflix:

14. This person who was mad that their roommate didn’t get name-brand trash bags:

15. And lastly, this person who tried to take back the fridge they gave to their former roommates:

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