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27 Products That’ll Help Solve Problems You Thought You Were Just Gonna Have To Live With


27 Products That’ll Help Solve Problems You Thought You Were Just Gonna Have To Live With

It’s got over 14,000 positive reviews!!! It also has an ejector button for disposing the hair with ease. Learn more about how and how often to use a de-shedding tool like this here.

Promising review: “This product is a dream come true. While providing a temporary home for a Golden Retriever, I have tried different types of brushes with a modicum of success. A friend has long-haired cats and used the cat version with great success. So I decided it was worth a try. First, this product combs through the long hair of the golden retriever without any problems or binding at all. Very smooth. As we are coming out of the cooler weather, the dog has a lot of under fur. This product removed it without any issues. Second, the button on the back side clears the hair instantly. No binding and the product tracks properly. Third, the handle is very comfortable, even with my big hands. The shape is very good and it does not wiggle around in my hand at all. Very easy to use. Fourth, this product just works! After less than 15 minutes, I thought I had a second dog. I have never had a brush of any type that worked so efficiently and quickly. I brushed the dog again about a week later, and the first brushing was so thorough, I got very little additional fur from the dog. Dogs shed. That is a fact. But this has reduced the shed factor so much, I cannot say enough about this great product. After the initial brushing, a quick follow up is all I needed.” —SA Baker

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in five sizes and for short- or long-haired pups). Get one for cats here.

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