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Jack Black joins TikTok, and immediately drops fire dance moves


Jack Black joins TikTok, and immediately drops fire dance moves

Comedian/actor/musician Jack Black has never been afraid to go all out. Anyone familiar with his band Tenacious D already knows this. So it’s no surprise that, after joining TikTok, Black’s first post was him dancing topless in his yard.

And oh what a dance it is: The high kicks, the flapping arms, the single perfectly placed filter.

The performance exploded on Twitter yesterday after it was reposted by former NBA player Rex Chapman.

People found the performance equal parts impressive and hilarious.

The song Black chose for his dance is “Trapped in 8bit” by Mai Linge. TikTok lists Black as the originator of the sound in the video, meaning he uploaded it himself instead of grabbing it from another user on the platform (a common and permitted practice on TikTok). Mai Linge is not a well-known artist. According to Spotify, they have less than 8,000 total listens a month and they have no Wikipedia page. There’s a good chance that’s about to change. After watching Jack Black dance to this banger, who wouldn’t want to give it a spin?

The lesson here is one Jack Black himself told/sang to us way back in 2003 when School of Rock came out: You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore.


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Last updated Mar 31, 2020, 2:21 pm

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