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12 Wild Documentaries To Stream If You’ve Finished “Tiger King”


12 Wild Documentaries To Stream If You’ve Finished “Tiger King”

I don’t know about you, but I definitely need more Netflix to get me through this quarantine. The weirder the documentary, the better!


Warning: some of the following include disturbing content.

1. First on the list, Fyre


What it’s about: The 2017 Fyre Festival promised to be a luxury party beyond attendees’ wildest dreams. Instead, it was a spectacular failure.

Where to stream: Netflix



What it’s about: In this bizarre true crime documentary, a young girl is kidnapped by her family’s neighbor and close friend…twice.

Where to stream: Netflix



What it’s about: This documentary follows a family of outlaws in Boone County, West Virginia as they face poverty, drugs, and trouble with the law.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime


Magnolia Pictures

What it’s about: A New Zealand journalist investigates the bizarre world of competitive endurance tickling. Yes, really.

Where to stream: Hulu


Grasshopper Film

What it’s about: “It’s a phenomenal documentary about a very unique group of people down in Louisiana that hunt down nutria, a giant swamp rat that are literally contributing to Louisiana’s coastal erosion.”

Where to stream: Amazon Prime



What it’s about: According to Netflix, “A twisted criminal’s gruesome videos drive a group of amateur online sleuths to launch a risky manhunt that brings them into a dark underworld.”

Where to stream: Netflix



What it’s about: This miniseries follows New York real estate heir Robert Durst, who is accused of murder.

Where to stream: HBO


What it’s about: “A famous prison escape sparks the idea for a cult-like race that has seen only 10 finishers in its first 25 years.”

Where to stream: Amazon Prime

“It’s crazy, but in a weird, almost wholesome way.”


CNN Films

What it’s about: This fascinating, unsettling documentary follows a group of identical triplets who were separated at birth as a part of a bizarre scientific study, and later reunited as adults.

Where to stream: Hulu, Amazon Prime


Greenwich Entertainment

What it’s about: Both a sports movie and true crime special, this documentary takes a look at the biggest drug scandal in American baseball history.

Where to stream: Netflix



What it’s about: When a man is arrested for a murder he claims he didn’t commit, he uses raw footage from the TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm to prove his innocence. Yes, this is real.

Where to stream: Netflix

The Orchard

What it’s about: “Just go into this one blind. It’s a wild ride.”

Where to stream: Amazon Prime


What other weird documentaries would you recommend? Got a bizarre miniseries you’re dying to talk about? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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