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24 Times Celebs Screwed Up Or Got Their Mistakes Called Out On Social Media


24 Times Celebs Screwed Up Or Got Their Mistakes Called Out On Social Media

Hire someone to do this, loves.

1. When Jonathan Cheban asked if he should go live, and people were like, “Nah”:

2. When Millie Bobby Brown faked her skincare routine:

You should follow Millie Bobby Brown’s skincare routine of applying nothing to her face. – Deberían seguir la rutina de rostro de Millie Bobby Brown en la que no se pone nada en la cara.

3. When Zac Efron was grateful for Martin Luther King Jr. — and also his own 10 million Twitter followers:

4. When Ariana Grande tweeted a pic of her tattoo, and people let her know it actually said “Japanese BBQ”:

5. When Mia Farrow forgot to crop out this search bar:

6. And when Bernadette Peters did the same thing AND had a spelling errror:

7. When Kirstie Alley tweeted this “tribute” to Stephen Hawking:

8. When Shakira fell for this person, who pretended to be a doctor:

9. When Scott Disick accidentally copied and pasted the email from his PR person:

10. And same with Naomi Campbell:

11. When Bow Wow got caught fronting:

12. When Katy Perry fell for this video of quarantined Italians singing “Roar” from their balconies. (Spoiler: The video is edited):

13. And same with Shawn Mendes:

14. When Rita Ora iconically said her Twitter got “””hacked””””:

15. When Adam Levine spoke too soon:

16. When Kim Kardashian West got called out by Armani for not knowing how to spell “Giorgio”:

@KimKardashian Dear Kim – let us know which one you need and we’ll send it to you. And Mr. Armani’s first name is Giorgio.

17. When Julianne Moore fell for that dumb Instagram hoax:

18. And same with Julia Roberts:

19. When Ted Cruz liked sex GIFs:

20. When Charlie Sheen accidentally tweeted his phone number:

21. When Oprah tweeted this incomplete thought:

22. And same with Martha Stewart:

23. When Vicki Gunvalson didn’t notice her reflection:

24. And finally, when Courtney Love thought she discovered the lost Malaysian flight (it wound up being boats):

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