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Here Are Answers To 17 Questions You Secretly Want To Know About Marriage


Here Are Answers To 17 Questions You Secretly Want To Know About Marriage

1. Q: “How do you know if you’re with the person you’re meant to spend your life with?” —minstrels

A: I think some people have a moment where they KNOW they found ‘the one’ and some don’t. I don’t think this means one marriage is going to last over the other. I actually never had that moment because I am someone who always has hesitations — no matter what — because I overthink things. Even if someone was scientifically matched to be my perfect person, I would still question it.

My husband always says that looks and attraction will never get you through an entire marriage. And it’s true. I think a lot of people hold certain things — like looks — to a higher standard than they should when they look for a partner to marry. That stuff is not going to matter when real-life issues arise. Can your personalities coexist on a daily basis, are you able to rely on this person, and can you truly trust them? These are the types of things that are more important at the end of the day. Also, are you willing to put their needs before your own and make sacrifices in your life for them?

Lastly, another important thing to ask yourself is: Does this person inspire me? Because you eventually start taking on some of the same habits as your partner — even if you don’t realize it. So, you really want to be with someone who is going to push you to be better and inspire you to live your fullest life.

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