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20 Food & Drink Hacks That’ll Make This Whole Quarantine Thing A Bit Easier


20 Food & Drink Hacks That’ll Make This Whole Quarantine Thing A Bit Easier

1. Freeze lime juice into ice cube trays to make ready-made margarita starters.

u/zross51234 / Via

When the craving strikes, just add tequila and sweetener — and you’re all set. This is also a great way to get more mileage out of dry (or about-to-spoil) limes.

2. Or, if you’re REALLY ambitious, make bulk-batch margs like these. 👀

u/CCTider / Via

As this brilliant Redditor explains: “I squeezed a 5 pound bag of limes and lemons and added silver tequila from Costco. The flavored margaritas have puree I made from frozen fruit.”

 Find this OP’s exact recipes here.

3. And when juicing those limes, remember to cut the bottom off, then put it in facing up.

4. Making sourdough bread? Use the discard to make pancakes.

Meghan Splawn / Kitchn

If you’ve got a sourdough starter going, these easy overnight pancakes are a great way to put the discard to work.

5. Keep a dry-erase inventory on the fridge door (or on a whiteboard attached to it) so you know what food you have at a glance.

u/CivilEngineerThrow / Via

But if you write directly on the fridge, do a test first — since some fridge surfaces are more porous than others. (If in doubt, go the whiteboard route!)

6. Don’t have a whiteboard? DIY one with an empty picture frame — or a laminate sheet — with a blank piece of paper inside.


As the great minds at /r/Frugal point out: This is also a smart way to make a dry-erase calendar. Just flip your frame horizontally, stick in a calendar printable, and you’re good to go.

7. Among the things you can cook in a waffle iron: bacon, tater tots, hash browns, and cookie dough. / BuzzFeed

No more waiting forever for the oven to preheat. 🙏

8. Upgrade Top Ramen noodles by switching up the back-of-package instructions.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Boil 2 cups water + 1 tbsp butter + the seasoning, then cook noodles directly in that mixture. That way, you’re flavoring the noodles from the inside out instead of just adding seasoning at the end. Full instructions here.

9. Or add bacon + Parmesan + an egg for a meal that’s ~lazy yet luxurious~. 😋

10. Puree any past-their-prime greens — then freeze them into smoothie boosters.

Like kale, spinach, or collards. Extra tip from a BuzzFeed reader: “You know what surprisingly works in smoothies? LETTUCE! Even if it’s a little wilted or brown, or turned mushy. The blender does not care.”

11. And know that these XL cubes exist — perfect for freezing leftover soups, sauces, or broth.

Each portioned silicone cube holds up to 1 cup of liquid — and the tray comes with a handy lid so food odors don’t sneak out (or in).

Get a tray on Amazon for $19.95.

12. PSA: Parmesan cheese lids fit perfectly over Mason jars.

13. When chocolate cake or brownie batter calls for water, swap in brewed coffee instead.

Ade Magnum / BuzzFeed

It’s subtle — but it’ll bring out the chocolatey flavor even more.

14. Use an upside-down dish rack to keep Tupperwares from flipping around in the dishwasher.

u/thecatunderthebed / Via

Because we all know those Tupperwares have been putting in more work during quarantine.

15. Oreo packaging can double as a milk-dunking station.

This also works with Tate’s and Chips Ahoy packaging. Just saying.

16. Or, for a low-key brilliant snack, dip Oreos in milk until they’re soft — then freeze them.

u/nbrettie / Via

According to this Redditor, they’re delicious — and have the consistency of Oreos in cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream.

17. Add soy sauce to popcorn butter to make it taste even better.

Hannah Loewentheil / BuzzFeed

We tried buttered popcorn side-by-side with soy sauce-buttered popcorn — and all preferred the later. The soy sauce adds an extra hit of umami. It’s really good! Recipe here.

18. And with boxed mac ‘n’ cheese, add a scoop of sour cream instead of milk.


It’ll make the whole thing even more creamy and glossy.

19. Baking a ton? Spray cookware over an open dishwasher door to avoid a mess.

Christine Gallary / Kitchn

That way, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up stray non-stick spray later. More dishwasher tips and hacks here.

20. And lastly, memorize these brilliant booze combos that only need two or three ingredients.

BuzzFeed /

Many of which you probably already have in your kitchen. Find a ton of easy drink ideas here and here. Cheers! 🍹

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