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41 Questions Non-Americans Have For Americans About Things They See Americans Do In Movies And TV Shows


41 Questions Non-Americans Have For Americans About Things They See Americans Do In Movies And TV Shows

“Do Americans really eat chips on sandwiches like on TV?”

Most of these are funny because they’re true. See you in the comments!


do americans really decorate their lockers w/ posters and mirrors and pictures of their crush (bit noncy) or is that just in the movies ?


Americans in movies always have a big bowl of mixed lettuce in the middle of the table with their dinner


do americans really have red cups all the time at parties or is that just in movies? someone let me know thanks


According to movies, all Americans have a bag of frozen peas in their fridge, but they never use it while cooking.


Why do Americans on tv shows / films rarely say goodbye when they hang up the phone? They just hang up. It’s just… rude.


Why do Americans on tv hand someone a gift and tell them what it is before they open it. Surprise ruined 😫


do americans actually have an obscene amount throw pillows on their beds or is that just another lie told to us by movies/tv shows


Do Americans actually have a school assignment where they have to take care of a bag of flour like it’s a kid with another student or is that just something in movies and tv shows?


Do Americans eat as many of those bear claws at work as TV and movies would have us believe?


Do Americans actually have their funerals in graveyards with wooden chairs set up beside the grave? Or is that just a movie thing. Genuine question


In the movies: why do Americans always crumple their money… is this actually a thing in real life because I don’t get it…


do americans really wake up and drink milk from the carton like that or is it just a movie aesthetic thing


wait do americans actually call older people ma’am and sir? or is that just a movie thing


Do Americans actually like purchase fake IDs or is that just a movie thing???? Confused


do americans ACTUALLY have photoshoots for homecoming, birthdays etc??? or is that made up for movies


Do Americans really eat potato chips on a plate with their lunches like they do in the movies? It’s just weird.


Do Americans actually take high school football games really seriously or is that just something in the movies?


wait so do americans actually call hot chocolate hot cocoa or is that just a cheesy christmas movie type thing


wait do. americans have a whole class dedicated to trig? or like? why in movies do people be saying they are going to trig class?


so do americans actually leave a spare key under their doormat or is it just a movie/book/au type of thing bc if they do that’s rlly mf dumb tbh 💀


americans i have a question: is it common for parents to put away money specifically for their child’s future wedding that may or may not even happen like they seem to do in the movies bc im confused


quarantine got me having after midnight thoughts at 11pm but do americans actually have white eggs like they do on tv?


Why do americans in films always sit on their counters to read newspapers or drink coffee its so ??


why in shows/films do americans always go to the fridge and get a bottle of water and dramatically drink it in an argument


I wish Americans in movies would just top comparing the length of things to that of a football field. I have no idea how long that is.

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