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14 Of The Funniest Messages Of April (So Far)


14 Of The Funniest Messages Of April (So Far)

Posted 3 hours ago

Funny messages, fails, and more.

It’s about halfway through April, so obviously a bunch of hilarious messages went viral. Here are some of the best.

1. This response (which was probably a joke, don’t worry):

2. And this shady response to a rude text:

3. This no-chill text from a nail guy:

4. This comment from Nikki Blonsky:

Queen Nicki responded my to my comment on tik tok LMFAO i don’t know why she congratulated me

5. This backhanded compliment:

6. The diss text:

7. This edited iPhone notification:

8. This easily misconstrued church message:

9. This Uber driver shoot-your-shot Grindr message:

10. This Tinder exchange:

11. This autocorrect fail text:

12. This Hinge message, wow:

13. This seven-months-delayed text:

14. And lastly, this girl’s text to her mom:

Love reading messages? We’ve got plenty of these posts here!

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