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17 Tweets About Boobs. Just Boobs.


17 Tweets About Boobs. Just Boobs.

Posted 12 minutes ago

Boobs hit different in quarantine.

Boobs are the best. They provide nourishment for babies, fun activities for adults, and aesthetic pleasure for everyone!

So here are 17 tweets in honor of boobs:


When girls with small breasts don’t put on a bra they’re like “Hee hee! I’m so lazy” but when I do it they’re like SLOPPY LUNATIC INJURES DOZENS IN SUPERMARKET


Something I just said to my dog: “You need to learn to love me without stepping on my boobs.”


Staying inside may help flatten the curve, but you’ll never flatten THESE curves! *wildly gesturing towards boobs


I’m thoroughly convinced that a decent amount of boys on twitter dot com have zero idea how boobs work. Let me explain. Bigger boobs = heavier boobs= “sagging” or “separating”


one time my ex was playing w my boobs and he held them so they would sit up higher and said wow imagine if they looked like that all the time. i should’ve k*lled him❤️


I understand why painters see boobs and say wow I need to paint that…. I understand It


as it turns out, touching ur boobs will not cure ur depression, but it can be a fun way to pass the time

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