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16 Quarantine Hair Transformations That Turned Out Great And 13 That Really, Really, Reallllllly Didn’t


16 Quarantine Hair Transformations That Turned Out Great And 13 That Really, Really, Reallllllly Didn’t

Posted 30 minutes ago

Put the scissors down!

1. This undercut that crept up the sides looks amazing:

I’ve been maintaining my undercut for five years now, but I’ve never cut the longer part of my hair. I will be shaving it all soon, though. —rdclness

2. But this one…not so much:

I cut my own hair with a dog grooming kit I bought years ago and had never opened. It’s a bad selfie, but I was like, “Oh, okay, not bad, not bad.” And then I looked at the back…and there was nothing I could do to fix it. —kaibrow

3. These curtain bangs are très chic:

4. But these straight ones could use some work:

On a long Zoom meeting, I was getting annoyed by my bangs getting in my eyes. So I grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped them. I didn’t even have a mirror so I didn’t see them until after the meeting ended. Mistakes were made. —s43031138f

5. These long bangs (langs?) are a lewk:

I cut myself some (long) bangs. I actually am satisfied with the outcome, but am still afraid my hairdresser will be angry with me when I go to her next. —littlecologne

6. But these missed the mark:

I tried to do the Korean wispy bang style… They were supposed to be flowy and romantic. —kenaflynn

7. This mullet transformation is honestly everything:

I’ve been wanting to rock a mullet for a few months now, and decided now would be the best time!! —nikgayy

8. But this cut is the exact opposite of a “party in the back”:

My boyfriend was a bit wine drunk and decided to try and fade his own hair… It didn’t go well. We spent the next week attempting to fix it, but eventually he ended up shaving his head. I kind of miss his hair, but he pulls off a shaved head pretty well, and it was definitely worth all the laughs! —amym4c8815d68

9. Sometimes all you need is a little chop to remove dead ends:

10. Just…make sure you don’t chop too much:

Did I accidentally cut a bald spot in my hair? Am I currently wearing makeup to cover it? Yes…yes to all. —stephakneeee

11. Bangs and a little color can go a long way:

I decided I needed bangs during the apocalypse. This was after I dyed it red during the second week of my quarantine. I actually really like how it turned out, but I wish I was better at finding less risky activities. —jenjacques23

12. But also the wrong way:

I blue myself. I tried going blonde post-breakup, but did a terrible job and then mixed green, teal, and navy dye for this deep-sea look. —s43

13. These bangs turned out so great, they look like they were done by a professional:

14. Unfortunately, for this guy, I can’t say the same:

I tried to cut my son’s hair. I took my time on the back, but he got antsy (he has autism), so I quickly finished and it ended up like this. I eventually convinced him to let me fix it and it looks much better now. He said he’s glad he doesn’t look like Willy Wonka anymore. —courtneyb43c312947

15. Some people are really good at one skill, like cutting:

I cut my hair and you know what, I’m so glad! I miss my length, but those ends needed to go. —e4ada6546c

16. And others are really bad at one skill, like dyeing:

It was supposed to be brunette, with some red highlights. To quote Zack and Cody, “Honey, you missed auburn big-time.” —helenmelon16

17. Losing just a few inches…

18. …or even all your inches can be great if done properly:

19. But when not done properly…yikes:

They announced the lockdown, I went to use the bathroom and came down holding about three inches of my hair. It’s uneven and all the hairdressers are closed. As soon as lockdown is over, I’m camping outside the nearest hairdresser. —sanahakhtar231

20. Luckily, this little guy has a long life of good haircuts ahead to make up for this unfortunate one:

21. And kids are cute no matter what their bangs look like, right?

22. Sometimes, accidents work out in unexpected ways:

At work, I had to keep it a “natural” color. I’ve done highlights before, but never full-on dyed my hair. It’s not the color I imagined, but I’m pretty okay with it. —knowazark

23. And sometimes, like with this eyebrow slit…

24. …or…whatever this is…they just, don’t:

It’ll grow back…right? That absolute look of ‘WTF have I done’ on my fiancé’s face after he decided to “trim” his beard. —rubyredco

25. Whatever you decide to do with your hair, be it cutting it…

I’ve had my hair cut two other times in my life. This is the first time that it was my choice and I love it. —opeyemimonehin

26. …styling it…

Looks cool to me! I had black dye that grew out a bit and now I look like I have fire hair. —lucydskull

27. …dyeing it…

28. …or shaving it, there’s just one rule to remember…

This might be seen as a mistake, but I’ve used the current quarantine situation as an opportunity to finally do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve been asked if I cried when I did it. I absolutely did not. —amberr46ce8e152


My dog’s hair was starting to cover his eyes. One slip of the scissors and hours of trying to fix it later…this is what we’ve got. —buddybuddy

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