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18 People Whose Sense Of Humor Remains Undefeated


18 People Whose Sense Of Humor Remains Undefeated

Posted 2 hours ago

You won’t be able to get through this without smiling once.

1. This person who figured out their quaran-routine:

2. These kids who warned their parent of a “leak:”

3. This coworker who shared a cheesy but low-key funny pun:

4. This person who gave their doctor a stool sample…of sorts:

5. This person who had their husband play Russian roulette with baked goods:

6. This mastermind who put fire snaps under the toilet seat in their home:

7. This person who had quite the greeting when picking someone up from the airport:

8. This person who put flour in their wife’s blow-dryer:

9. This Sonic employee who threw shade at the competition:

10. And this Arby’s employee who didn’t want history to repeat itself:

11. This person who was trying an age old hack to fix their iPhone:

12. This person who clearly appreciated airplane etiquette:

13. This person who had a PSA that’s always relevant:

14. This person who got ~creative~ with the communication in their marriage:

15. This person who was determined to take a bath one way or another:

16. This person who tweaked their “Live, Laugh, Love” sign:

17. This person who — well I’m not even sure what call this:

In the middle of having a heart to heart conversation my boyfriend unexpectedly sends me this screen recording…

18. And finally, this person who played this BRUTAL joke on their partner:

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