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24 Tweets That Show Whatever The Circumstances, Brits Are Still Hilarious


24 Tweets That Show Whatever The Circumstances, Brits Are Still Hilarious


Greg Wallace, aggressively pushing out farts in various poses, whilst maintaining eye contact.


I now lead the same life as my dog. One walk a day, a lot of sleeping, always looking forward to the next meal. I am dog.


I hadn’t expected Tesco to proceed to the “eat the rich” stage of pandemic crisis quite this soon.


Let my one year-old daughter play with my phone and she ordered one onion on Deliveroo.


My youngest has been banging on about “prank week” and has been royally pranking us all day. Little does she know, her father is the prank master Both of them panicking now, the bonus is that their sadness has brought a hush into the house.


i’ve had such a nice day with my book. took it outside. took it back inside. rested a cup on it. put it on the shelf. took it off the shelf. didn’t open it but


A character in a 90s sitcom: And then I had to get a taxi back from LONG ISLAND *laugh track* me, a British child who isn’t even completely sure where New York is: HO HO! Not the LONG island! Very long indeed


20 year old Alan Carr likes to get up in the morning and make everyone a coffee.


My Nan’s best friend lives at the end of the garden, so they open their adjoining gate (best friend goals), take a chair and sit and talk to each other either side wearing their masks. It was today I found out that this is the mask my Nan has been wearing.

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