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Barbie Might Be The Biggest Instagram Influencer You Don’t Know About


Barbie Might Be The Biggest Instagram Influencer You Don’t Know About

She is all about the ‘gram!!!

It goes without saying that Barbie has been an icon for 61 years!

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And while she’s had over 130 careers — that have included everything from elementary school teacher to astronaut — there is one career you might not know about.

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That of an Instagram influencer!

And she is actually a really huge influencer! Her @BarbieStyle Insta account has over 2.1 million followers:

Like any good influencer, Barbie knows it’s all about posting those pics of herself wearing stylish outfits:

Or posting pics of herself and her friends looking stylish:

And, of course, posting pics of the outfits she is planning to wear:

But it isn’t just about the clothes! Like any influencer, Barbie is also about being photographed at popular hot spots…

…at fashion shows…

…and, of course, in front of iconic landmarks around the world:

Barbie is also all about posting glammy photos with famous people she meets, like J.Lo….

…and BTS:

Barbie also posts photos of herself relaxing at home:

Or hanging out with her BFFs:

Even the occasional #TBT:

She also posts photos with her boyfriend Ken (even though he is sporting a man bun):

We also get the occasional behind-the-scenes post that lets us in on how the ~photos~ come together:

Barbie also participates in memes, like the Dolly Parton challenge from earlier this year (yes, that was this year and not from 2018):

Or just creating funny and relatable memes of herself:

But, like all of us, Barbie is now in quarantine. And she is doing what we’re all doing…

…finding activities to keep us busy inside:

Doing internet challenges:

And, of course, baking:

So if you’re looking for a great distraction from everything going on, definitely check out Barbie’s Insta. And yes, life in plastic is indeed fantastic!

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