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These 50 Pictures Are Way, Way Too Real If You Were A Late ’90s Teen Girl


These 50 Pictures Are Way, Way Too Real If You Were A Late ’90s Teen Girl

“BuzzFeed, were you spying on me back then?!” —You after reading this

1. Switching out your beeper cases to match your outfits:

Getty Images

2. And occasionally wearing the beeper with a chain:

Getty Images

3. Having these as your go-to shoes for EVERYTHING — from weddings to a trip to the mall:

4. And having Hush Puppies Oxfords as your ~quirky~ shoes:

5. Picking out brightly colored bands for your braces and almost immediately regretting your decision:

Yakubovalim / Getty Images

6. Having this as the hairstyle you wanted for any type of formal event:

Ron Galella, Ltd. / Ron Galella Collection via Getty

7. Owning a few lacy overlay dresses, which you would wear to formals and weddings — also, they always seemed only come in jewel tones:

8. Leaving body glitter on everything (but mainly on your bathroom counters and floors) any time you wore it:

9. Feeling so, so glam any time you wore frosty blue eyeshadow:

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

10. Thinking outlining your lips in a dark color and filling them in with a lighter color looked so chic:

11. Having Gap perfumes…

12. …and Sunflowers perfume as your ~personal day scents~:

13. Saving the paper bags from your back-to-school shopping so you could wrap your textbooks in them:

14. Literally always wondering why nothing good ever happened to the Salingers on Party of Five:

Fox Television

15. Tuning into Daria and totally relating to her (and also really relating to Quinn, but not wanting to admit it):

16. And having a crush on Trent, of course:

17. Arguing with your friends over who was hotter: Pacey or Dawson.

Sony Television

It was Pacey, obviously.

18. Arguing with your BFF over who would be Brandy and who would be Monica whenever you guys sang along to “The Boy Is Mine” together:

19. And totally wanting Brandy’s bed from the video:


Actually, you wanted the entire room and everything they both were wearing!

20. Thinking embroidered jeans were the coolest thing ever and feeling soooo boho whenever you wore them:

And not realizing how careful you had to be with them, ’cause the beads would literally fall off when you’d put them on.

21. Putting hair mascara…

22. …or Glints in your hair if you wanted to give yourself subtle highlights:

23. Owning a bunch of these weird rings…

24. …weird necklaces…

25. …and chunky toe rings:

26. Buying Revlon Street Wear makeup at the drugstore ’cause they were a perfect dupe for Urban Decay:

27. Always buying Teen Spirit, Caribbean Cool ’cause it was the best scent:

28. Having your entire bathroom smell like Herbal Essences any time you used it in the shower:

29. Giving yourself Wite-Out manicures in class whenever you were bored:

30. Decorating the inside of your locker and the cover of your folders with these stickers:

31. Having at least one photo frame in your room that looked like it came straight out of Monica and Rachel’s apartment:

32. Fearing the day that one of the glow-in-the dark stars on your ceiling would fall on you while you were asleep:

33. Sponge-painting your bedroom or bathroom and having some seriously questionable results:

34. Saving your old YM and Seventeen magazines…

YM, Seventeen

35. …and Rolling Stones to make collages on your bedroom walls with them:

Rolling Stone

36. Wanting Cher’s white Calvin Klein dress from Clueless for YEARS after the movie came out:

37. Spraying yourself with Bath & Body Works sprays — which you kept in the fridge on hot days:

38. Using Victoria’s Secret’s Pear Glace shower gel, body lotion, and body splash if you wanted to smell ~fancy~:

39. Having a Caboodle underneath your bathroom vanity to store everything from makeup and nail polishes to hair clips and tweezers:

40. Being obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Sony Television

41. And arguing with friends over who was better for her, Angel or Spike:

Sony Television

42. Decorating your bedroom with ~oh-so-chic~ celestial patterns…

43. …rice paper lanterns…

44. …lava lamps (that would burn the hell out of you if you touched them)…

45. …and saris (which was def cultural appropriation, before we knew what that was):

De-kay / Getty Images

46. Having like a six-month period where you just listened to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill on repeat:

Sony Music

47. Having a ton of butterfly hair clips that were a bitch to keep in your hair (and would also hurt like hell if you stepped on them barefoot):

48. Having that one Delia’s blouse that you ordered but didn’t realize was weirdly see-through:

49. Getting excited whenever you came home and found the new Delia’s catalog waiting for you:

50. And finally, wanting this VTech cordless phone and your own personal line in your bedroom:

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