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12 Constructive Ways To Keep Yourself Occupied Right Now


12 Constructive Ways To Keep Yourself Occupied Right Now

Yes, “puzzles” are listed here. But that’s not all, ok?!

1. Exercise your mind muscles with free online courses from renowned universities.

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Yale, Stanford, and Harvard are among some of the prestigious schools offering tuition-free learning across a number of subjects.

2. Experiment with your skincare routine.

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Introducing new products to your personal regimen requires time, patience, and a bit of resilience in the face of sensitivity. But ultimately, it can be a lot of fun! Why not build a new routine while you’ve (potentially) got the time for it?

3. Stretch the stress away.

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Yoga is a pretty flexible practice: You can ultimately do it anywhere and at any time. If you feel you lack the discipline to take an actual class, general stretching on its own can prove rewarding.

4. Cook up something special.

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Additional time spent indoors means there’s likely more room in your schedule for home-cooked meals and the commitment it takes to prepare them. Try your hand at cooking, baking, grilling, and beyond(!) if you’ve reached takeout fatigue.

5. Start a puzzle to see if you enjoy puzzles.

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If you don’t enjoy puzzles, try getting crafty with unique alternatives, like cross-stitching, coloring, or painting by diamonds.

6. Learn a new language.

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Got eight years of French language education under your belt and absolutely zéro to show for it? Brush up on your worldliness with one of several language apps.

7. Get physical.

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Whether it’s stretching, running, jumping, or dancing, moving your body in a manner you find enjoyable could prove a cathartic release.

8. Sing!

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Sing in the shower, sing in your room, sing on a muted conference call, sing as if when all of this is over, you’ll be making your Broadway debut.

9. Jot it down.

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Be it bullet or otherwise, think about giving journaling a try. Finding a space to express your emotions or organize your thoughts can prove an effective outlet.

10. Finally learn to play that instrument you’ve spent so much time talking about learning to play.

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Because while “Chopsticks” is cute, Chopin’s complete discography is a serve. Unearth that keyboard or guitar you got years ago and get tuning!

11. Throw a themed party for yourself.

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Transform your typical weeknight television consumption hour(s) into an aesthetically cohesive gala by giving it a theme. Get creative with snacks, decorations, and even attire.

12. Talk it out.

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Interacting with other humans on a daily basis was a constant for most of us — if you feel you’re lacking that connection right now, coordinate online conferences with friends, family, and/or your therapist to get your best fix.

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