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17 Hilarious Tweets About Stephenie Meyer Releasing “Midnight Sun”


17 Hilarious Tweets About Stephenie Meyer Releasing “Midnight Sun”

This is Robert Pattinson’s actual nightmare.

Earlier today, Stephenie Meyer announced the release of the new Twilight novel Midnight Sun on Aug. 4 — a moment Twihards have been waiting for since parts of the book were leaked in 2008 and Meyer said she was postponing production of the novel indefinitely.

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Lucky for us, she changed her mind! Twitter went wild with excitement over the upcoming release, and here are a few of the highlights from people who seriously can’t wait to read it.


Robert Pattinson hearing about midnight sun after trash talking the movies #MidnightSun


i cant believe we’re finally getting midnight sun. stephenie meyer said twilight renaissance? NOT WITHOUT ME BITCH


“Stephenie Meyer releasing Midnight Sun a Twilight novel told from Edward’s point of View in 2020” Me:


the funniest thing about midnight sun is how much of a bitchy little drama queen Edward was. like this bit where he doesn’t feel bad about reading emmett’s thoughts because he reasons emmett is no thoughts head empty a dumb sack of rocks like skdkjfjf that’s your BROTHER


Robert Pattinson somewhere right now thinking about all the questions during his next promotional tour being about Midnight Sun and twilight


POV: it’s Coronavirus season. You’ve been quarantined for 8 weeks. You are bored, lonely, stir crazy, and depressed. The future is uncertain and bleak. But THEN… then… Stephenie Meyer announces the long-awaited release of Midnight Sun. Suddenly everything feels okay. ☺️


What I most hope from MIDNIGHT SUN is that we understand why the Cullens, who presumably could be doing anything they want, keep going to high school over and over again.

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