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If You Think You’re Having A Bad Day, Just Look At These 19 People


If You Think You’re Having A Bad Day, Just Look At These 19 People

Ya know, it could be worse.

If you’re having a bad day, just remember…

1. At least you didn’t find out just how bad a driver you are:

2. Or how bad a cook you are:

3. And hey, at least you didn’t have to make the toilet paper walk of shame:

4. Look at the bright side — you didn’t discover a brand-new secret ingredient in your banana bread:

5. Or a brand-new ingredient in your makeup:

6. And hey, at least you didn’t wake up to this mistake:

7. At least your DIY projects have been going a bit better:

8. And your pancakes haven’t been summoned straight from hell:

9. And hey, at least your dog isn’t actively trying to ruin your living room:

10. At least your quarantine hair project didn’t go drastically wrong:

11. And at least your ramen noodles didn’t jump to their demise:

12. And hey, at least everything you need hasn’t been crushed:

13. Think about it this way — at least your bed isn’t 50% milk:

14. And your cereal isn’t 95% ant:

15. And just remember, your car isn’t 99% snow:

16. At least you didn’t discover the cure for penicillin via late-night mistake:

17. Or discover what hard-boiled eggs REALLY are via the worst way possible:

18. And hey, at least you’re not eatin’ sand for dinner tonight:

19. Finally, at least you didn’t have a pizza disaster:


It’s the little things that matter, right?

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