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16 Pictures Of Famous People That Were Taken This Week


16 Pictures Of Famous People That Were Taken This Week

Some of them might be wearing masks, but they’re still celebrities.

1. Bella Thorne and Ruby Rose had some beers at a party.

Woot, Gice / Vasquez-Max Lopes / Backgrid

2. Ben Affleck walked his dog.

Gice, Beag / Vasquez-Max Lopes / Backgrid

3. Reese Witherspoon left a party with a large package.

Cltn / Clint Brewer Photography / Backgrid

4. Hugh Jackman reminded us all to be happy.

MMVV / Backgrid

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger rode his huge bike.

Biag / Backgrid

6. Joel McHale was all smiles at a farmers market.

Ansa / Backgrid

7. Katherine Schwarzenegger went on a stroll with her dog.

Boaz, Ekuf / Boaz / Backgrid

8. Yolanda Hadid went on a walk while wearing some funky leggings.

Rymi / Patriot Pics / Backgrid

9. Adam Sandler got a load of takeout.

Evga / Backgrid

10. Will Ferrell showed his support for Navarro Cheer.

Edpi / 3 / Backgrid

11. Michael Keaton went on a jog with his phone.

Boaz / Boaz / Backgrid

12. Jesse Metcalfe went to the post office.

Gumu / Backgrid

13. Jennifer Garner connected with nature.

Spot, Poer / Backgrid

14. Sarah Silverman showed her support for essential workers with her pan and tongs.

T. Jackson / Backgrid

15. Alia Shawkat bought some groceries.

Cltn, Ggre / Clint Brewer Photography / Backgrid

16. And Dakota Johnson and Apple Martin went on a car ride — only to have their car break down.

RMBI / RMBI / Backgrid

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