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18 Hilarious Tweets Just From This Weekend


18 Hilarious Tweets Just From This Weekend

Posted 2 minutes ago

This weekend won.

Everyone needs a good laugh right now. We’ve got weekly tweets, gay tweets, and many more other series on the site, so here are some hilarious tweets — just from this weekend. Enjoy!


I’m thinking of that one tweet that said Jason Derulo is the human equivalent of a sleeveless hoodie.


Jill Scott makes music for people who burn incense, trying to calm down, but end up fighting anyway.😂


I miss being a hot girl for Bernie. Now I am a hot girl for direct action, local elections, and being an asshole online


Hulu is so bad at remembering where u left off. like girl u were right there why don’t u know?


Someone said my Twitter was all about gay sex and I was like NONSENSE! It’s also about depression


my boyfriend went to his ex’s house & they got into a fight & that crazy bitch scratched the hell out of him. I’m just glad he’s ok ☺️

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