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We Need To Talk About Katy Perry and Nugget’s Matching “Dumbo” Costumes


We Need To Talk About Katy Perry and Nugget’s Matching “Dumbo” Costumes

Katy made one of Disney’s saddest songs fun and I’m here for it.

Anyone who grew up watching Dumbo knows that this song is tough to listen to because it’s so damn sad! Honestly, I haven’t watched Dumbo in at least 20 years because of how emotional the scene from the song is.

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There are so many layers of sadness. Dumbo’s mom is encaged and can’t be with her child, and Dumbo needs his mom’s support while being bullied for being different. My heart can’t!

But Katy decided to make the song lighter by dressing up as Dumbo’s mom and having her adorable dog Nugget join in dressed up as the eponymous elephant.

When she started singing while holding Nugget, I burst out laughing. Nugget is absolutely adorable and looks hilarious in the costume.

This didn’t stop the song from being sad, though, so midway through I had to get my dog and cradle her to “Baby Mine.”

As a dog mom, I love everything about this. Thank you for being your goofy self, Katy!

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