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18 Hilarious Times Gordon Ramsay Had Zero Filter


18 Hilarious Times Gordon Ramsay Had Zero Filter

What I’ve learned: “Donut” can be a terribly insulting name to call someone.

1. When his prayer was brutally honest:

2. When he gave a very to-the-point pep talk:

3. When he called it like he saw it:

4. When he made this waiter’s jaw drop with a single word:

5. When he came up with the most creative burn in the shortest amount of time:

6. When he wanted out of whatever school project that got served to him:

7. When he had no time for jokes:

8. When he didn’t ease up, even on a pair of old Muppets:

9. Or a baby:

10. When he had to save himself:

11. When he hoped he didn’t see a sign for what’s to come:

12. When he served this one up to-go:

13. When he really used everything at his disposal to come up with this insult:

14. When he had some perfectly valid reasoning for this chef:

15. When he crafted a good ol’ bait-and-switch:

16. When he spoke out but got an equally Ramsay-esque rebuttal:

17. When he seamlessly blended an insult and a plug:

18. Finally, when he gave this chef a few words of wisdom:

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