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27 Of The Most Slept-On Shows You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now


27 Of The Most Slept-On Shows You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now

Need something new to watch?

Recently we asked folks to share what they believe is the most underrated thing available for streaming. Here were some of the shows mentioned by enthusiastic viewers!

1. Sense8

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“It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I felt the passion from the cast and the determination of the crew. The skill it took to weave this story together is incredible. When it ended I actually felt like I’d lost something or someone important. I hope it gets all the love it deserves.”


2. What/If

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“It stars Rene Zellweger and Jane Levy, and it’s such a good psychological thriller with great twists and turns. I can’t believe no one was talking about it more!”


4. Gentefied

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“It’s brilliant! It’s about a family who owns a taqueria in Boyle Heights and their struggle to keep afloat as their neighborhood becomes, you guessed it, gentrified. I laughed, I cried, and I said, ‘WTF’ to the social issues that were artfully covered. From the LGBTQ+ community, to the profiling of POC and undocumented immigrants. I’m really hoping it gets a second season, so WATCH IT!


5. Santa Clarita Diet

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“EVERYONE slept on this show and I don’t understand how. It was one of the funniest, best cast shows I’ve ever seen. Plot was inventive and engaging but had great family moments that felt genuine and real. Plus, all 3 seasons were perfection… which is a miracle for any show. Netflix should be ashamed of themselves for cancelling it (or not at least letting them do a fourth and finale season).”


6. The Society

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“It’s such an interesting idea and it brings up current issues like teen pregnancy, shootings, domestic abuse, and drug addiction. To see well-rounded teen characters battling with these issues while also facing the reality of their situation is a refreshing change from typical teen-centered media. Not enough people know about this show!”


8. Raising Dion

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“It’s incredible! I keep recommending it to everyone, but no one’s heard of it. I’m usually not a sci-fi fan, but it kept it interesting and all the problems/situations were still relatable.”


10. Taco Chronicles

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“Each episode is dedicated to a specific taco or ingredient (the first episode focuses on al pastor tacos, the second is carnitas, etc) and discusses how it was created by showing the process. Let me tell you, if you don’t start off wanting tacos, you will certainly want them by the end of the episode. It’s really beautifully edited as well, with lots of detail and color.”


12. The Magicians

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“It does NOT get enough love! The series recently finished and I’m about to watch it over again from the beginning. The show is PACKED full of powerful female characters, incredible character development, and magic…don’t we all need a bit of magic right now?”


13. The Last Kingdom

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“It’s similar to Vikings, but told from the Saxons point of view. It even has some overlap with historical figures such as Alfred the Great. It is a very sullen show and one shouldn’t get too close to any character, but if you want historical content, but with a slightly fictional edge to it, look no further.”


14. Peaky Blinders

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“You’ve got drama, gangsters, historical period accuracy, romance/sex, action — it’s incredible! For some reason, most of Europe watches the show, but anyone in the United States that I ask has never heard of it!”


15. Legends of Tomorrow

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“I don’t see enough people talking about this show. Seasons 1 through 4 are on Netflix and Season 5 is airing right now on the CW. There’s WOC, LGBT+ represented, and it’s just a great show.”


18. Sex Education

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“No American high-school clichés, no overly corny moments, there are amazing actors, diversity, creativity, and hilarious concept. It’s just one of the best overall teen shows and completely underrated.”


21. Z Nation

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“Anyone else think The Walking Dead is way too long? Well, Z Nation is a nice, bingeable five seasons! It’s hilarious but also super serious and just when you think it can’t get better, they give you another good storyline. The characters are lovable too!”


23. One Day At A Time

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“It’s a sitcom about a Cuban-American family and I’ve never seen a show take so much care with difficult issues like racism, sexuality, consent, family and so much more, while still managing to be hilarious.”


24. Spinning Out

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“It’s emotional, dramatic, intense, and romantic. It’s also got incredible mental health representation as well as people of color and LGBT representation. The acting, writing, and cinematography are INSANE! It’s honestly one of the best shows I’ve EVER seen. Please please take a chance on this healing spectacular show.”


25. After Life

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“It stars Ricky Gervais. The combo of dry humor, stupid humor, and cynical humor mix perfectly with the extremely dark and downright twisted themes of the show, to create a truly spectacular program.”


26. The OA

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“It’s absolutely amazing. All of the characters are perfect, the story is insanely interesting and investing, it is so beautiful and it’s one of my favorite shows, but no one ever talks about it!”


27. Unorthodox

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“It’s a brilliant, emotional work of art! It’s a mini-series about a Hasidic Jewish girl who is in an arranged marriage, then leaves her community to pursue music. It’s wonderful and gripping, and the actors are incredible! It’s a great show to binge in a night, and you’ll be in tears by the end of it.”


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