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Thalassophobia Is A Real, Absolutely Terrifying Thing And You Definitely Have It


Thalassophobia Is A Real, Absolutely Terrifying Thing And You Definitely Have It

Posted 4 hours ago

I got chills.

1. Have you ever felt uncomfortable looking at pictures like this?

2. Just a little queasy?

3. Have you ever been CONVINCED that there’s something beneath you?

4. Maybe it started after you saw this scene in “Titanic”:

Paramount Pictures

5. Maybe it started in a swimming pool:

6. Well, you’re not alone. You’re one of many people with thalassophobia, or the fear of the sea.

7. How does this picture make you feel?

8. What about this one?

9. Or this?

10. Does reading this just make you a little light-headed?

11. Picture yourself on a boat late at night and seeing this lurking just below the water:

12. Or imagine diving deep down into the ocean and finding this sign:

13. Think about all the ocean is hiding deep, deep down.

14. Everything that’s waiting for you beneath the surface…

15. And everything that’s waiting for you right at the top…

16. The Liberty Space Capsule has been on the ocean floor since the early ’60s. What else could there be down that low?

17. Uncomfortable yet?

18. Doing alright?

19. Feel sick?

20. A little shaky?

21. Palms a little sweaty?

22. You sure?

23. That’s normal. The ocean is terrifying.

24. Simply terrifiyng.

25. Still with me?

26. Well, imagine being on this tiny, tiny boat:

27. Imagine being deep, deep down and finding an animal you never knew existed:

28. Or sitting on the edge of this deep, dark hole:

29. Terrified by all this? Well, you just might have thalassophobia.

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