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27 Petty As Heck Opinions That People Are Taking To The Grave


27 Petty As Heck Opinions That People Are Taking To The Grave

Posted 1 minute ago

I thought I was petty…

Recently on Twitter, author and blogger Chuck Wendig asked his followers to share their petty opinions:

NIGHTLY QUESTION: what is the pettiest, silliest, most meaningless hill you are willing to die on

Never in my life have I seen so much chaotic energy.

Here are some of the pettiest responses:

1. The appearance of the hair that grows on some people’s faces:

2. The grammatical choice used to list things:

3. The word choices that some people make:

@ChuckWendig Less vs. fewer. It’s easy. Fewer refers to something that is countable. “She had fewer oranges than Jim.” Less refers to something that isn’t countable – a whole – for instance, “She had less anger than Jim.”

4. The depiction of this crafty hobby:

@ChuckWendig The positioning of knitting needles in children’s picture books. It is almost, inevitably, done wrong with the ends inexplicably pointing upward. HOW IS THIS SO HARD, PEOPLE?!?!?

5. The existence of a certain bird:

6. The preferred choice of pork byproducts:

7. The best work of a certain director:

8. The cuisine of a certain state:

9. The catalyst behind a certain boy becoming a masked vigilante:

@ChuckWendig Martha Wayne’s pearls wouldn’t have broken the way they do in almost every incarnation of the Waynes’ murder.

10. The way people communicate:

11. The relationship between a beloved cinematic couple:

@ChuckWendig Jesse and Celine from the “Before” trilogy have a toxic relationship and should split up.

12. The spelling of this synonym for nullify:

13. The function of this computer program:

@ChuckWendig Microsoft Excel is over-complicated nonsense. I’ll just do it all manually.

14. The structural integrity of a piece of wood:

15. The pronunciation of this cooking ingredient:

16. The use of this festive exclamation:

@ChuckWendig You say “Cheers” as an exclamation when you toast. 🍻 You do NOT cheers as a verb, that is not a thing. 🚫 “Let’s cheers!” is nonsense. “We are cheersing!” is chaotic insanity.

17. This opinion on the “Star” franchises:

18. The invention of this beverage:

19. The linguistics behind everyone’s favorite form of expression:

20. The concept of working hard:

21. The order of getting dressed:

22. The genre of this film:

23. The ingredients in this dish:

24. The concept of audiobooks:

25. The edibility of top and bottom bread slices:

26. The texture of legume spreads:

27. Finally, the correct way to end a sentence:

What’s the petty hill you’re willing to die on? Let us know in the comments below!

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