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17 Hilarious Tweets About Ice Cream, Because It’s All Anyone Can Think About In Quarantine


17 Hilarious Tweets About Ice Cream, Because It’s All Anyone Can Think About In Quarantine

Posted 2 hours ago

One of our last few pleasures.

I’ve probably eaten more ice cream in the past two months than I have in my entire life.


It’s virtually all I can think about.

So I decided to see who else is spending their quarantine obsessing over this godsend. Apparently, pretty much everyone:


Day 1 of Quarantine: “I’m going to meditate and do body-weight training.” Day 4: *just pours the ice cream into the pasta*


love how my lactose intolerance thinks it has power during quarantine. im having the ice cream! what are you gonna do… make me shit my pants? the bathroom’s right here babe


We are living through a moment in history right now, and future generations will define us based on our actions. That is why I stayed home and ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream last night. Tell my story and let it inspire the world.


Not drinking cows milk and being disgusted at those who do but still eating a whole tub of dairy ice cream in one sitting 🤝


I alleviate my anxiety with breathing exercises, meditation and eating a pint Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream.


3 weeks into quarantine and pretty sure that the surge in ice cream sales will outpace the panic buying of toilet paper


me at 12: i can’t wait to be an adult so i can eat ice cream for breakfast and do whatever i want me at 32: man i wish there was someone here to stop me from eating this entire pint of ice cream for breakfast


Opening a pint of ice cream and immediately throwing the lid away because I already know how this is gonna play out


I’ve always thought of eating a full pint of ice cream as an evening thing but actually, if you set your mind to it, you can eat a full pint of ice cream any time of day!!!!!!


There are two wolves inside me, one just took a brisk 1 hr walk while a drinking a gallon of water and the other binged an entire show and downed a pint of ice cream.


It’s Day 6 and I’m starting to think this “two bottles of red wine and a pint of ice cream” diet won’t be sustainable


If you’re ever feeling down and questioning the point of everything, just remember that most car cup holders can hold a pint of ice cream.

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