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28 Of The Best Seasons Of Television Ever Made (According To The BuzzFeed Community)


28 Of The Best Seasons Of Television Ever Made (According To The BuzzFeed Community)

The GOATs of TV seasons.

Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the single greatest season of television they’ve ever seen. Here were some of the results.

1. Season 2 of Fleabag (THE MOST MENTIONED)

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“It just doesn’t compete. Brilliant writing and acting. It’s something you can watch over and over and find little things, quirks, moments, and lines you missed the first times.”


2. Season 1 of True Detective (MULTIPLE PEOPLE MENTIONED)

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“It’s single-handedly the greatest season of television to date. The acting, the writing, the directing, are all on the top of their game. It also has one of the best villains of all time, who is barely on screen but makes your blood run cold.”


3. Season 1 of Watchmen (MULTIPLE PEOPLE MENTIONED)

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“It ended up being the only season, but it was so well put together and didn’t leave any loose ends. It’s very thought-provoking.”


6. Season 2 of The Leftovers

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“It tore me apart on every level. Emotionally, it used up everything I had and then filled me up again. Visually, I was mesmerized by what I was seeing. Most of all, it challenged me mentally in a way that no show had done before. It combined philosophy, nihilism, religion, grief and mystery in such a beautifully weird way. Do yourselves a favor and watch it.”


7. Season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (MULTIPLE PEOPLE MENTIONED)

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“It’s a masterpiece. The most glorious season of the most glorious show of all time. It has love, compassion, and it’s so fucking funny.”


10. Season 1 of Sweet/Vicious

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“It’s only one season because sadly, it got canceled. The show is about two college girls who become vigilantes because their school doesn’t do anything for sexual assault reports, so they take matters into their own hands. It tackles a serious subject, but it’s also really funny, and smart, and has a lot of heart. There is a little cliffhanger (which will never get resolved), but all in all, the season wraps up nicely and the ending is SO satisfying. I will say, if sexual assault is a trigger for you, parts of this show might be hard to watch.”


18. Season 6 of Game of Thrones (MULTIPLE PEOPLE MENTIONED)

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“Every character’s storyline is captivating, where in other seasons sometimes it feels dragged on. I don’t think you can get much better than the Battle of the Bastards, Bran seeing the truth of the past, Cersei taking back control over the Red Sparrow, Arya’s journey, and Daenerys setting sail to Westeros all in one season!”


22. Season 1 of American Horror Story

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“Some of the other seasons are awesome but I feel like I could watch Murder House for the rest of my life and not get bored of it. The characters are especially well written — I don’t know if I should love them or hate them because they’re so complex. It’s heart-wrenching and terrifying at the same time, I love it.


24. Season 4 of Dexter (MULTIPLE PEOPLE MENTIONED)

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“John Lithgow’s performance was absolutely perfect and convincing, and I am so excited when I get to it every year during my annual Dexter rewatch.”


25. Season 1 of Haunting of Hill House

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“What a perfect blend of horror and a grieving family. It was an emotional sucker punch with a genuinely effective scare factor. When I think of a masterpiece season, that one always comes to mind.”


28. The miniseries Chernobyl

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“It was as close to perfect as you can get — understated and respectful of the tragedy at the same time as fully engrossing, paced brilliantly, soundtrack top-notch, acting incredible.”


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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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