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35 Childhood Moments That Were Wonderful Small Victories To Anyone Born Before 1999


35 Childhood Moments That Were Wonderful Small Victories To Anyone Born Before 1999

A pure, pure time.

1. Whenever you would quickly find Waldo…

2. …or the hidden image in your Magic Eye book:

3. Any time you got an invite to a birthday party that was being held at Discovery Zone:

Michael L. Abramson / The LIFE Images Collection via G

4. Whenever you’d get Toys “R” Us Geoffrey dollars as a birthday or Christmas gift:

5. Whenever your parents would take you to KB Toys when you went with them to the mall.

Tim Boyle / Getty Images

6. Whenever you’d find the prize in the cereal box before your siblings:

7. Any time you had a Pizza Lunchables in your lunchbox:

8. Whenever you’d open up one of these and realize it was full:

9. Any time you’d open up one of these art cases and you could feel a wave of creativity wash over you:

10. Whenever you’d watch Bob Ross and feel not only a sense of calm, but of creativity:

11. Any time you watched Bill Nye the Science Guy and you’d feel smarter afterwards:

12. Whenever you’d get to read the Sunday comics first:

Urbancow / Getty Images

13. And then doing this with the comics after you were done:

14. Any time you’d treat yourself to an Ellio’s pizza…

15. …or Kudos granola bar as an afternoon snack:

16. Whenever you got to use the controller with the Rumble Pak when playing N64:

17. Whenever you’d finish playing a video and you’d sniff the warm plasticky smell coming off the VCR:

Stockphotosart / Getty Images

18. Any time you used the kids door at Imaginarium:

19. Whenever you’d go to Natural Wonders and turn over a bunch of rainsticks at the same time:

20. Also, whenever your parents would buy you some of the colorful rocks they sold:

21. Whenever you’d successfully chew on a large piece of Bubble Tape without it making it feel like you were breaking your jaw:

22. Any time you’d save up your Chuck E. Cheese tickets and trade them in for something that you actually wanted:

23. Any time you’d get to set up the Mouse Trap board game:

24. Whenever you’d visit your grandma’s house and you’d get to play with this pincushion:

25. Whenever you’d organize your videos in some sorta order that only made sense to you:

26. Also, whenever you’d watch a movie and chew on the corner of the video’s clamshell:

27. Any time you’d play solitaire on your family’s PC and just do this:

28. Whenever you’d drink out of these Batman Forever glasses and feel oh-so-cool:

29. Whenever you’d get to the prize inside of a Kinder Egg:

30. Any time you’d squeeze a Duracell battery to see if it was still good:

31. Any time you got one of these from someone you had a crush on:

32. Whenever you’d get just the right amount of gel in your hair:

33. Any time you’d put on the TV Guide Channel and catch the exact channel’s listing you wanted to see:

34. Whenever you’d get your pencil this small:

35. And finally, the little victory you felt whenever you moved around with your portable CD player and it didn’t skip:

Carl Durocher / Getty Images

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