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40 Products With Such Good Reviews You May Want To Test Them Yourself


40 Products With Such Good Reviews You May Want To Test Them Yourself

I bought this at the beginning of quarantine and it has been an amazing way to kill time and exercise my brain. My colleague Maitland Quitmeyer has also been loving these books, she said:

“I love crosswords. Growing up, my brother and I (and sometimes my dad when we could talk him into it) used to make copies of the New York Magazine crossword of the week and race our way through it. Yes, I’m a little competitive, why do you ask? I’ve put my fair share of crossword puzzles in shopping roundups, so when I saw this stay-at-home time coming around the bend, I ordered a couple of these NYT day-of-the-week crossword books.

They become more difficult throughout the week — the easiest on Monday, and the most difficult on Saturday. The famous Sunday puzzle? It’s about a midweek-level. PLUS, these compilations are spiral-bound to make filling them out (and keeping your place) super easy. As a lefty, I am PLAGUED by hard-to-write-in non–spiral bound volumes. If you’re bored-in-the-house-and-I’m-in-the-house-bored, or just need a little break from hours of TikTok (me me, very much me), I would definitely recommend these!”

Get them from Amazon for $8.99+: Monday here, Tuesday here, Wednesday here, Thursday here, Friday here, Saturday here, and Sunday here. Select New York Times crossword books are also available on Bookshop (to support local bookstores).

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