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Hollywood Has Made Women Utter The Most Ridiculous Things On TV, And Here Are 17 Quotes To Prove It


Hollywood Has Made Women Utter The Most Ridiculous Things On TV, And Here Are 17 Quotes To Prove It

“Every single cell in my body loves you. And when those cells die and new ones are born, those cells will love you even more.”

1. In Grey’s Anatomy, when Meredith made us all cringe when she declared her love for Derek.

2. In Game of Thrones, when Tyene whispered this horribly unpleasant line.

3. In One Tree Hill, when Brooke and Haley made this ridiculous friendship pact.

4. In Riverdale, when Veronica tried to be philosophical, but was super awkward instead.

5. And when Cheryl let her truly horrible feelings for Toni show.

6. In Glee, when Rachel tried to make a confident speech, but in reality, it was just awful.

7. In Sex and the City, when Carrie said this over-the-top, dramatic line to her date.

8. And basically every single thing Carrie said on Sex and the City, because it was all cringeworthy as hell.

9. In Empire, when they tried to make Cookie a badass, but she actually sounded pretty awkward.

10. In The Secret Life of the American Teenager, when Amy poured her heart out to Ben, but it was all just… really, really strange.

ABC Family

11. In Gossip Girl, when Blair gave Chuck the cringiest ultimatum.

The CW

—Lila Morgan, Facebook

12. In The Vampire Diaries, when Elena got real with Stefan the only way she knew how.

13. In American Horror Story: Asylum, when Lana defended herself in the strangest way possible.

14. In Fuller House, when Stephanie made this supremely horrible pun.

15. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Buffy said this weird one-liner before attacking a demon.

16. In American Horror Story: Hotel, when The Countess awkwardly seduced Ramona.

17. And in Shadowhunters, when Clary was anything but romantic towards Jace.

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