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19 Toys That ’80s Kids Probably Haven’t Thought About Since 1995


19 Toys That ’80s Kids Probably Haven’t Thought About Since 1995

Updated 7 minutes ago. Posted 2 hours ago

Honestly, these are all classics!

1. The Fraggle Rock Happy Meal racer toys, which were practically indestructible:

2. Fisher-Price’s Little People Play Family House, which was one of the greatest play sets ever:

3. Kenner’s Family Tree House, which you thought were actually made for Fisher-Price’s Little People:

4. Rose Petal Place dolls, which smelled soooo heavenly (like seriously, you just sniffed it 40% of the time when you were playing with it):

5. Madballs, which hurt like HELL if somebody threw them at you when you weren’t looking:

6. Hootbot, which looked all cute until its eyes turned red and freaked you out:

7. My Pet Monster, which was cute for a monster (well, except for its nose, which hurt like hell if you accidentally hit yourself with it):

8. Shrinky Dinks, which you always had to remember to let cool down enough before you touched them:

9. Care Bear PVC figures, which were so much fun ’cause you could actually play with them in the tub or at the park:

10. Berenstain Bears Happy Meal toys, which were amazing, but also got dirty quickly because of the fuzz they had on their skin:

11. Max Backtalk, which was like the cool late-’80s version of Simon (and it let you record your own sounds!!!):

12. McFry Kids Happy Meal Toys, which always seemed to smell like plastic and old French fries (no matter how long you had them):

13. Ghostbusters Fright Features action figures, which all had amazing and different “frightened” reactions:

14. And Ghostbusters Granny Gross action figure, which truly had one of the coolest transformations of any ’80s action figure:

15. Casey the Talking Robot, which was more of a glorified tape player than a robot, but it was still fun to read stories along with him:

16. Gumby and Pokey bendable figures, which just appeared in your toy box one day and you never knew why:

17. Colorforms, which were fun to play with for about 15 minutes (max) and had a very addictive plasticky smell:

18. Cut and sew dolls, which you usually got from your nana:

19. And finally, the Muppet Babies Happy Meal toys, which were and are still the greatest Happy Meal toy ever:

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