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Maya Rudolph Is Excited To Return To “SNL,” So Here Are Her Best Kamala Harris Sketches


Maya Rudolph Is Excited To Return To “SNL,” So Here Are Her Best Kamala Harris Sketches

Updated 7 minutes ago. Posted 2 hours ago

If there’s anything that can make 2020 a little better, it’s more Maya Rudolph.

Now that Kamala Harris is officially Biden’s VP pick, it’s time we talk about what this means for us moving forward…MORE MAYA RUDOLPH ON SNL!

Since the announcement this afternoon, Twitter has been blowin’ up with support for Rudolph, who, frankly, has killed it with her Harris impression so far.

And by killed it, I mean she’s been nominated for a gosh dang Emmy for how great it is!

Rudolph herself has shared her excitement about possibly returning to the show, with a very fitting, “That’s spicy…oh shit!”


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she explained that while traveling to and from NYC during a pandemic wasn’t exactly part of the plan, she’ll take any excuse she can get to be back on the show. She went on to say, “…I can’t believe that I got to work there, and I can’t believe that it’s my family still.”

In honor of this great news for SNL fans everywhere, let’s take a look back at some of her very best Kamala Harris appearances thus far:

We were graced with all these old-school Harris memes when Rudolph returned to the stage a month later in the 2020 Democratic Debate sketch and tried to create some “viral moments.”

And finally, Rudolph made her most recent — and most iconic — appearance as Harris in the PBS Democratic Debate Cold Open, where she returned with a martini in hand, a rap ready to go, and a Lizzo reference on deck. Harris was no longer in the presidential race at this point in time, but her “ex girlfriend who is thriving after your breakup” energy is absolutely impeccable.

Well, here’s to hoping for much more Maya Rudolph in the future!

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