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Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Still Thinking About An Old Flame


Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Still Thinking About An Old Flame


You’ve been bored and are dying to inject a little excitement back into your life.


You’ve been feeling lonely lately and want someone, anyone, to fill the void.


You’ve matured and can’t stop wondering whether a relationship with them would work now that you’re both older and wiser.


You keep seeing their name pop up online and hearing it in conversation — and it’s hard not to take it as a sign you should reconnect with them.

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So much has been changing lately, and it’s scary, so you want a link to your past.


You haven’t met anyone who has caught your interest in a while so you’re still stuck on people you used to know.


They meant a lot to you at one point, and once someone gains a place in your heart, they never leave.


Your heart has been pulling you in a bunch of different directions lately — so everyone has seemed like a good option.


You’re going through a dry spell and are reaching far into your past to find someone who might be interested.


You feel like everyone else is moving forward with their life and you’re stuck, so you’re starting to lower your standards.


You miss the feeling of flirting — so right now, you would flirt with anyone.


You’ve been feeling insecure lately and miss the feeling you used to get when you were around this other person. TC mark

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