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16 Times Celebs Shaded Other Celebs During Quarantine


16 Times Celebs Shaded Other Celebs During Quarantine

13. Queer Eye star Bobby Berk shaded a Real Housewife — who many assumed was Dorinda Medley or Aviva Drescher from Real Housewives of New York — claiming that they stole from him back in the day:

“I had a New York housewife come in, and she’s like, ‘I want you to come in and design my house.’ I wasn’t on TV yet. I was like, ‘Just so you know, I’m not doing it for free.’ And she’s like, ‘OK.’ Her husband called me up. They tried to bully me to do it for free. She came into my store the next week when I wasn’t there and told my staff that I had said she could take anything out of the store that she wanted to design her house for the shoot and here was her credit card and ‘If I don’t bring anything back, if I like something, you can just charge the credit card.’”

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