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21 Times Celebs Revealed Really Personal Stuff On “Spill Your Guts” With James Corden


21 Times Celebs Revealed Really Personal Stuff On “Spill Your Guts” With James Corden

Updated on Aug 13, 2020. Posted on Aug 13, 2020

LOL @ Katy Perry ranking her lovers.

1. Anna Wintour revealed the guest she’d never invite back to the Met Gala:

2. Katy Perry ranked her lovers in bed from worst to best:

3. Kevin Jonas chose which album he’d rather buy — a Nick Jonas album or a DNCE album:

4. Chelsea Handler gave a visual representation of how big 50 Cent’s penis is:

5. Kim Kardashian ranked her family from best- to worst-dressed:

6. And shared Kanye’s most annoying habit:

7. Kendall ranked the names of her nieces and nephews:

8. Justin Bieber ranked Hailey’s friends:

Cara Delevingne reacts to Justin Bieber ranking her as his least favorite among wife Hailey’s friends, behind Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner: “If you have nothing against me, then why don’t you unblock me?”

9. Steven Tyler revealed how much he’s spent on drugs:

10. And admitted he hit on Cameron Diaz:

11. Demi Moore revealed which male co-star made more than her:

12. Halle Barry said she knew The Rich Man’s Wife was going to be bad:

13. Gordon Ramsey ranked Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver, and Bobby Flay from best to worst:

14. Drew Barrymore ranked her co-stars — Adam Sandler, Hugh Grant, Jake Gyllenhaal — from most to least talented:

15. Niall Horan chose which ex he’d rather spend his last night on Earth with — Ellie Goulding or Selena Gomez:

16. And Mila Kunis answered whether Ashton Kutcher’s penis is a “carrot stick or beer can”:

18. James Corden himself revealed he stole a candle from Mariah Carey’s house because she kept him waiting:

19. And that Rick Ross was the most disappointing:

20. And who the drunkest at the Met Gala in 2017 was:

21. And lastly, who he’s turned down from Carpool Karaoke:

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