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19 Fiancés Who Might Not Make It Down The Aisle After All


19 Fiancés Who Might Not Make It Down The Aisle After All

Aktualisiert am Aug 15, 2020. Gepostet am Aug 15, 2020

Better to spot a red flag before signing that marriage license.

1. This fiancé who needs to learn how to clean up after themselves:

2. This fiancé who will NEVER live this down:

my fiancé just accidentally air dropped a picture of my tiddie to my sister. I would love to die.

3. This fiancé who needs to learn that you neverrrr set your head on anything after a haircut:

4. This fiancé who got into the Christmas spirit:

5. This fiancé who tried their best to scare the life out of their partner:

6. This fiancé who craved that little pizza air bubble:

7. This fiancé who saw that empty side of the sink and said, “Nah”:

8. This fiancé who might be part werewolf:

9. This fiancé who deserved to be exposed:

10. This fiancé who totally listened:

11. This fiancé who didn’t give his partner a choice:

12. This fiancé who totally did this on purpose:

13. This fiancé who left plain vanilla ice cream in the freezer for NOTHING:

14. This fiancé who thought this was an acceptable way to cut a cake:

15. This fiancé who’s too evil for words:

16. This fiancé who needed to be corrected:

17. This fiancé who is about to have some interesting convos with their partner:

18. This fiancé who will no longer be getting any bites of their partner’s food:

19. And finally, this fiancé who brought his MacBook into the bathroom…for whatever reason:

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