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21 Questions Servers And Retail Workers Have For Customers That Are Funny, Shady, And Accurate


21 Questions Servers And Retail Workers Have For Customers That Are Funny, Shady, And Accurate

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No small talk, please. Thanks!

I must admit, lighthearted dragging is my favorite. Here are some questions that servers and retail workers have for customers.


Why do customers moan at you about the price of something as if you priced it like don’t shoot the messenger am just takin your money 🤔🙄


Why do customers give you verbal abuse for ten minutes straight then go ‘I know it’s not you, it’s not your fault’. Yeh I know it’s not!


Why do customers scream at you when they have a problem with the company like I legit just turn up for my shift do fuck all and leave ☹️


Why do customers gotta be hella rude!? Like I’m trying to help you but you wanna be impatient and snatch things from my hands smh


Why do customers think I care when they say they’re never coming back here again? Like uh okay? Idc if this place burns down lmao


why do customers think shouting ‘HELLOOOOO!!!!????’ is the way to get us to help them


Why do customers act like I’m asking them for a limb when I politely ask them to social distance in the line.


Why do customers call up and ask what shoes we have with no specifics when I have a store with over 100 styles in 😡


why do customers just stare at me when my hands b full w their order and there’s no open space to place it on the table.. LIKE MOVE UR WATER AND PLATES AND MAKE SOME SPACE I can’t move that shit w my eyes


WHY do customers just waltz up to ur till without being called????? and throw all their shit onto the counter?????? and think it’s okay????????? no thank u fuck off back to the start of the queue until i’m ready for u please and thank u


Why do customers think a manager can solve everything like sir u can talk to Timothy Horton himself, the iced cap machine still wont work


why do customers get mad at u if their card declines? im not the one who told u to bring ur broke ass in here knowin dam well u aint have no money


Why do customers get bare aggy when you don’t have something in stock like lmao aye soz mate let me just pull one out me arse 💩👍🏼


why do customers think their mouth is a third earhole, pulling your mask down will not make you hear better


why do customers ask u if u like ur job while working ??? like ??? what do u want me to tell u carol that i hate my job and my life


Why do customers always try and make funny jokes while you’re cashing them out lol .. ion get it


WHY do customers wait till I’ve cashed off their order n then say ‘aw here I’ve got the 25p’. Fuck off man I didn’t graduate from hogwarts


why do customers at work think i care about their opinion of my makeup??? “oooh your eyebrows are dark” yes they fuckin are Joan i sat for 20 minutes drawing them on mind ya business

Well, y’all, sound off in the comments with answers, rebuttals, and whatever you want. Be nice 🙂

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