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27 Books Written By POC Authors You Probably Won’t Be Able To Put Down


27 Books Written By POC Authors You Probably Won’t Be Able To Put Down

This is a coming-of-age tale about a boy who’s part of a biracial family living in Houston. All the while, he deals with working alongside his family in a marginalized community, mistreatment from one sibling, the hurt of being away from another sibling, and the discovery that he’s interested in other boys.

Promising review: “I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon this collection of short stories right when I needed something authentic, genuine and tender. Washington writes without pretense, without being self congratulatory or self deprecating. He doesn’t want us feeling sorry for him or exoticing him, he doesn’t want us asking, How were you able to love through all of that? He’s just opening up a window into his world, as we pass by. We can steal a quick glance, or stop and stare. But either way, he won’t be looking back at us. A beautiful collection of stories that I am sure to re-read. I can’t wait to read what’s yet to come from this young man.” —Kamilla

Get a paperback copy from Amazon for $15.99 (also available in Kindle, hardcover, and Audiobook versions), Barnes and Noble for $16+ (available in paperback, hardcover, and NOOK book versions), Bookshop for $14.72+ (available in paperback, hardcover, and library binding), or check your local library.

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