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29 Pictures Of The Devastating Damage Done By The Derecho In Iowa That Not Enough People Are Talking About


29 Pictures Of The Devastating Damage Done By The Derecho In Iowa That Not Enough People Are Talking About

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“Every street in Cedar Rapids is horrifying.”

1. Last week, a derecho hit Iowa.

Nasty derecho screaming across Iowa at 70mph leaving widespread damage. Winds have been clocking around 100mph in some spots! Ugly afternoon setting up for greater Chicago soon

2. A derecho is a rare and powerful weather event. Meterologist Mallory Schnell defines it as “a widespread, long-lived wind storm that causes straight-line damage.”

“Derecho” is Spanish for “straight ahead” or “direct”. In Meteorology, a derecho is a widespread, long-lived wind storm that causes straight-line damage. The derecho today produced 100+ mph wind gusts in Iowa! While it has weakened, severe winds continue to push east this evening

3. The derecho that went across Iowa had winds of 100+ mph.

Extremely dangerous situation near #CedarRapids. Powerful #derecho moving eastward towards #Rockford at about 60 mph! Wind reports of 100+ mph have already been recorded across the area. If you are in the path of this line take cover now! #ohwx #ilwx #wx

4. It’s been a week since the storm hit, and things are still a mess.

Hello from Cedar Rapids. It’s been a week since the derecho and there is still so much work to be done to clean up the damage. #IowaDerecho

5. People on Twitter are pleading for more media attention.

Scenes like this litter the entire Cedar Rapids landscape. 80~ hours without power currently, with no accurate estimation of power being restored. Houses and businesses destroyed. Infrastructure crippled. Power grids decimated. We need help! Please help get the message out!!!

6. “This isn’t a few trees down and the inconvenience of power out. It’s like a tornado hit whole counties,” said KCRG-TV9 news anchor, Beth Malicki.

I’m getting concerned that the damage from a storm system called “derecho” isn’t getting much national news coverage. THIS MATTERS. Why? Money and help follow news coverage. This isn’t a few trees down and the inconvenience of power out. It’s like a tornado hit whole counties.

7. The storm was so strong that these six homes were literally shifted.

Spent couple hrs at a mobile home park in Benton Co this AM. Spoke w/residents & management, workers from REC & Alliant. When #derecho went thru, 6 homes shifted enough their gas lines broke—was told it could have been catastrophic for all 94 households. Damage is extensive. 1/

8. Roofs gone. Trees ripped out of the ground.

Damage from derecho in Tama & Toledo, Iowa @EdWilsonWX13HD … car wash, middle school, old car dealership & tree on a house

9. Corn crops were bent horizontally and grain bins were “crushed like cans.”

Spent last week in Iowa visiting @Fertilizer_Inst members to learn their operations & the role they play in serving Iowa ag. We viewed damage from the derecho & my heart goes out to all of those affected. Corn crops bent horizontally & grain bins crushed like cans.

10. These downed silos show just how powerful the storm was.

Daniel Acker / Getty Images

11. Just incredible.

Daniel Acker / Getty Images

12. The governor said that over 1/3 of the state’s crops were damaged.

Daniel Acker / Getty Images

13. It’s devastating.

Image out of Cedar Rapids, IA. Strong wind gusts from this derecho causing severe damage. Very similar to what we have seen out of Marshalltown. #IAwx

14. The storm was so powerful that it ripped concrete from the ground.

15. Tangled sheet metal around a pole.

Sheet metal from a nearby building is wrapped around a light post after a derecho wind storm caused extreme damage to local crops and buildings in Woodward, Iowa on Monday. The derecho was an equivalent category two hurricane with sustained winds over 100 mph.

16. Rows of electricity poles just toppled over.

17. Some of them snapped in half just hanging there.

18. Street signs completely flipped over.

19. Just extreme devastation.

Southwest Linn County hit incredibly hard as well. There’s not a county road without damage. Power lines snapped, barns destroyed and corn flattened. #iawx #derecho @iowasnewsnow

20. The city of Cedar Rapids was hit especially hard.

Hard to understate the severity of #derecho damage at the Cedar Terrace apartment complex in SW Cedar Rapids. With nearly all homes destroyed, the mostly resettled refugee inhabitants have been sleeping outside, in their cars or at friends’ houses the past 4 nights.

21. “It does not feel like an overstatement to say that the Cedar Rapids derecho damage feels apocalyptic.”

It does not feel like an overstatement to say that the Cedar Rapids derecho damage feels apocalyptic.

22. “Every street in Cedar Rapids is horrifying.”

These are pictures from friends on opposite sides of town. Every street in Cedar Rapids is horrifying.

23. “It’s devastating.”

24. This GIF shows how the tree canopy is basically completely gone.

A few before/after #derecho pictures from our @CityofCRiowa skycam really shows the magnitude of the tree damage. The whole tree canopy is gone, showing houses below… #IAwx #derecho2020

25. It’s been a week, and people still don’t have power.

If my non-Iowa friends with internet clout could please spread the word about the derecho and catastrophic damage it took on our state that would be cool. People still don’t have power almost a week later. We need national news coverage and relief aid immediately.

26. It was that bad.

27. But the people of Iowa are battling through this.

28. Communities are coming together.

“It’s restored my faith in humanity.” In the midst of all the chaos and clean-up, we found this community of people taking a moment to just get to know their neighbors and enjoy a meal after a long day of cleaning up.

29. And after all that we’ve been through so far, hopefully they can get through this.

After being hit by and inland hurricane in IOWA, at least our local vet clinic has a sense of humor. #derechoiowa #2020worstyear

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