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45 Extremely Specific Things That Older Millennials Will Totally Remember About The Early ’90s


45 Extremely Specific Things That Older Millennials Will Totally Remember About The Early ’90s

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I still want to spend a summer at Camp Anawanna!

1. Feeling like the coolest kid ever whenever you wore a Simpsons T-shirt to school…

2. …or listened to The Simpsons Sing the Blues CD.

Geffen Records

3. And low-key hating all those bootleg Simpsons T-shirts ’cause they never made any sense.

4. Not even realizing that EVERY SINGLE FAMILY basically owned the same minivan.

Dreampictures / Getty Images

5. Having a bunch of double-entendres go way over your head while watching Studs.

Fox Television Studios

6. And having a bunch of very funny jokes on In Living Color go way over your head.

20th Century Fox/ Everett Collection

7. Hearing the urban legend that there was a penis on the cover of The Little Mermaid VHS ’cause it was drawn by a disgruntled employee — and then never not being able to unsee it again.

8. Owning Home Alone on VHS and having NO idea when your family got it (it sorta appeared one day out of nowhere).

9. Having The Far Side Gallery 3 as part of your book collection and having NO idea when you got it.

10. Using a Mead’s Académie Sketch Pad to draw out all your artistic creations on.

11. Being completely obsessed with ALL THINGS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

New Line Cinema

12. Knowing to never press anything other than the standard buttons on the VCR remote ’cause you seriously had no idea what the other 119 buttons did.

13. Listening to The Bodyguard soundtrack over and over ’cause your mom or older sibling was obsessed with it and would play it nonstop.

Sony Music

14. Thinking the ~teens~ on Beverly Hills, 90210 were the coolest people on Earth.

CBS Television

15. Wanting to have a high school experience like the teens on Saved by the Bell

Nbc / Getty Images

16. …and a college experience like on A Different World.

Nbc / Getty Images

17. Wanting to go to a summer camp as awesome as Camp Anawanna.


18. Thinking Grey Poupon was the fanciest thing you could eat because of the commercials for it.

19. Thinking video game watches were the COOLEST things in the world (even though you could barely play it ’cause they were so small and the screen was hard to make out).

20. Owning lots of Urkel merchandise, ’cause you thought he was the most hilarious TV character ever.

21. Owning a pair of printed shorts like these (and thinking you looked like hot shit in them):

22. Totally relating to Clarissa on a ~deep spiritual level~.

CBS Television Distribution

23. Thinking that Barney was the dumbest and worst thing ever…

24. …and that the Sinclairs were the only dinosaurs worth watching on TV.


25. Knowing there was a 99% you would have blow into your Nintendo game cartridge whenever you played it.

27. Having the Wrigley’s Doublemint Chewing Gum jingle

28. …and Chicken Tonight jingle always stuck in your head.

29. Having to be stuck with a portable tape player ’cause your parents refused to buy you a pricey portable CD player.

30. Having a CD you got come in a huge box.

Brian Galindo/ BuzzFeed

31. Thinking you were hot shit ’cause you owned MTV Party to Go CDs (which by the time they were released were already filled with old songs).

Tommy Boy Records

32. The feeling of absolute victory you felt whenever you perfectly recorded a song off the radio.

33. Being absolutely shocked (in a good way) when you heard Salt-n-Pepa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex” ’cause they were using the word “sex” so freely.

34. Knowing not to put too much stuff in your fanny pack or else everything would fall out the minute you went in to look for something.

35. Always thinking, Six feet of bubble gum — for you, not them, whenever you had Bubble Tape.

36. And wanting Bubble Beeper gum just for the beeper package it came in.

37. Running home from school so that you could watch The Disney Afternoon.

Walt Disney Co. / ©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection

38. Putting these type of water bottles in the freezer so that you could take them to school wrapped in tin foil on hot days.

39. Watching The Sandlot over and over and quoting the hell out of it.

20th Century Fox

40. Hurting yourself at least once because you slapped a slap bracelet too hard onto your wrist.

Martha Stanitz/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images

41. Being jealous of the kid at school who got Reebok Pumps for Christmas.

42. Totally knowing Barbie’s “rapping career” was both sad and embarrassing.

43. Being excited on Fridays ’cause it meant TGIF…

44. …and being excited on Saturdays ’cause it meant SNICK.

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