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21 Photos Of Shadows You’ll Have To Look At Twice To Believe


21 Photos Of Shadows You’ll Have To Look At Twice To Believe

Updated 6 minutes ago. Posted 1 hour ago

A shadow never lies.

1. This shadow that’s just havin’ some fun with our eyes:

2. This tree shadow that has some deep sentimental meaning behind it somewhere:

3. This bull shadow that’s about to come to life:

4. This pen’s shadow that will never forget its past:

5. Same with this lightning cable shadow:

6. This bookcase shadow that is too cool for words:

7. This glass shadow that basically looks like a bad omen:

8. This cameraman’s shadow that can best be described as a good boy:

9. This Starbucks shadow that said, “I’m a multifaceted font”:

10. This friendly truck shadow:

11. This lamp shadow that’s straight out of a Tim Burton film:

12. This shadow that gave us a visually pleasing moment:

13. Same with this shadow:

14. This cat food bag shadow that may be harboring a secret of its own:

15. This shadow beam:

16. This shadow that knew exactly what it was doing:

17. This man and dog shadow that combined to make the ultimate mythical creature:

18. This ladder shadow that’s real wavy:

19. This shadow that kept a decal alive:

20. This bridge shadow that has its mind in the gutter:

21. And finally, this shadow that proves giraffes are truly magical:

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