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The Internet Is Confused About The French-Canadian Version Of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”


The Internet Is Confused About The French-Canadian Version Of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Neuf neuf?

We’ve all heard of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, starring SNL alumn, Andy Samberg.

And we all know Québec has a thriving television scene with local adaptations of big shows like SNL Québec, Le Juste Prix (aka The Price Is Right) and Bachelor, le gentleman célibataire (aka The Bachelor)

Well their TV game has just got a bit more… interesting. They just released the trailer for Escouade 99, a French-Canadian version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Club illico

It’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine en Francais!

And from what I can tell, it looks like an exact replica of the American version. The trailer looks like it’s going shot for shot of the pilot episode of the American series.

Club illico

Here is who I assume is Jake Peralta and his French-Canadian alter ego.

NBC, Club illico

This is likely Detective Amy Santiago.

FOX, Club illico

And Captain Raymond Holt.

FOX, Club illico

Lieutenant Terry Jeffords is there, in this nearly identical scene inside Captain Holt’s office.

FOX, Club illico

The internet is convinced this is Detective Rosa Diaz.

And Detective Charles Boyle looks like he got a haircut for this version of the show.

FOX, Club illico

Scully? Uncanny.

FOX, Club illico

And I think Hitchcock?

FOX, Club illico

And of course, Gina Linetti – who seems a bit more colorful in Québec.

FOX, Club illico

The internet seems divided.

what the hell is this Brooklyn 99 knockoff and how am I supposed to pronounce it? Escouade Neuf-Neuf?

the quebecoise adaptation of brooklyn 99 looks like trash and i will be watching every episode

People have also questioned the whitewashing of some characters from the original series.

I’d love to be a little fly to be on the meeting that decided to whitewash Brooklyn 99 to make “Escouade 99”. Not the best understanding of recent times in Québec. #escouade99

@VideotronDiv Expliquez-nous pourquoi vous n’avez pas pris des actrices latino-américaines pour jouer la version québécoise d’Amy Santiago et Rosa Diaz? J’aime bien les actrices, mais je suis déçue de vous (Vidéotron et autres décideurs de la série) pour le manque de diversité sur nos écrans

Translation from Google Translate: Explain to us why you didn’t take Latin American actresses to play the Quebec version of Amy Santiago and Rosa Diaz? I like actresses, but I’m disappointed with you (Videotron and other makers of the series) for the lack of diversity on our screens

Like it or not you can watch Escouade 99 on the streaming platform Club illico on September 17.

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