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15 Guys Who Deserve To Lose All Kitchen Privileges Going Forward


15 Guys Who Deserve To Lose All Kitchen Privileges Going Forward

Updated 19 hours ago. Posted on Aug 20, 2020

It’s really not that hard.

1. Hi men, it’s me, your fellow man, and I have a very important message to share with you all. 😌

My dad: I only leave cabinets open if I’m still getting stuff from them!!! Also my dad: (19 cabinet doors open, I counted)


3. Listen, if you’re alone in the kitchen and cooking up a storm, I could maybe see why you would keep one or two open in the meantime.

Can somebody tell me why my brothers have a pathological need to leave all the fucking cabinet doors open??

4. But if your whole body has left the room and you’re already on the couch eating the Oreos you grabbed out of the pantry, then close the damn door behind you!

I always know when @RobertDye03 is in the kitchen. He ALWAYS leaves the cabinet open and cereal in the counter!

5. If you’re confused about what that means, let me break it down for you.

6. First, you open the drawer you’re trying to get something from.

Does anyone else’s bf just leave like every cabinet door open whenever they leave a room or is mine just broken

7. Next, you acknowledge that you opened said drawer.

8. Then, out of the kindness of your heart, you say, “Hmm, I know this is kinda random, but maybe I should close that?”

9. And finally, you extend an arm, elbow, shoulder, ladle, whatever, and close the drawer. It’s really that simple.

My dad does this thing where he leaves all the cabinets and drawers open when he opens them.

10. Now I’m not saying that men are the only culprits guilty of this crime.


11. But based on the evidence I’ve compiled in the last 38 minutes, it certainly seems like we’re the biggest offenders.

@Jenna_Marbles Five cabinets and a drawer open while cooking. My boyfriend is similar to @juliensolomita in the kitchen. But I’d like to inform you that he is not an Aries, he is in fact a Virgo. EXPLAIN THIS BEHAVIOR.

12. So I figured I’d just pop in and remind y’all to be courteous of everyone’s heads (including your own) by shutting your cabinets for once in your life.

So my younger brother likes to come into the kitchen and grab a cup for a drink, all fine right, wrong. He just leaves the fucking cabinet open. This is a PSA to anyone that knows someone like this that you have full permission to roundhouse them. Close your cabinets people.

13. I promise you that everyone will love and appreciate you more for it.

14. And if you deny that this is ever you…

My grandma hates when the cabinets r open so my brother opened all of them. He told her it was a ghost. she hates him

15. …at least get a cat and blame it on them. Or say it’s a ghost. Either way, you know what you’re guilty of.

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