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26 Things To Help You Get Into Strength Training


26 Things To Help You Get Into Strength Training

Obviously, you’re gonna wanna use proper lifting to avoid straining your muscles more than necessary. Workout gloves, like these, have thick wraps to help support your wrists and keep them in proper alignment. The padding and grip also help protect your hands (and any sensitive nerves) and provide extra grip. All in all, they can help reduce strain and pressure as you lift.

Promising Review: “I’m a weightlifter, and you can find me at the gym at least six times a week. I take my workout seriously, but recently, I have come into problems with some blisters. I tried creating callouses on my hands, but it’s become painful and I’ve lost a lot of skin. So, I caved and decided to buy a pair of workout gloves. I was looking for gloves with wrist support since I lift very heavy weights. As a small female, I found that these fit my hands very nicely. There aren’t any fingertips on the gloves, and this is perfect, too. Sometimes, with workout gloves, you have to take them off to do certain exercises. I’ve found that I can leave them on all workout. These are great and perfect for any weightlifter, begginer or pro.” —Katie

Get it from Amazon for $9.98+ (available in six colors).

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