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James Charles And JoJo Siwa Collaborated For A Makeover And The Results Speak For Themselves


James Charles And JoJo Siwa Collaborated For A Makeover And The Results Speak For Themselves

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If you’re not aware, this is JoJo Siwa. She’s 17 years old and first became famous after appearing on Dance Moms.

Since then, she’s ventured onto YouTube and has become known for her signature look, which usually features a side ponytail, brightly-coloured clothes, plenty of glitter and, of course, a bow in her hair.

Although JoJo mainly sticks to this aesthetic, there have been a couple of instances where she’s shown off her naturally wavy hair on TikTok or posted photos in a different hairstyle.

But over the weekend, JoJo collaborated with fellow YouTuber and beauty guru, James Charles, where she allowed him to give her a glam makeover.

And even though I completely stan JoJo’s original look because that’s what makes her happy, this makeover is absolutely ICONIC.

Like, look at those loose, luscious curls! And I adore how James incorporated glitter into the eyes, which is completely JoJo, but in a slightly more mature way.

James Charles / Via

As JoJo summed it up, “It’s not me, but it’s really pretty!”.

Basically, JoJo looked beautiful and people were here for it. Plus, there were even some comparisons between JoJo and Nikkie de Jager (aka NikkieTutorials).

During the video, JoJo mentioned that she delayed doing this collaboration — which had been in the works for two years — because she felt too young and scared to do it.

She also goes on to talk about how people used to think that her personality was just an act or a character she put on, when in reality, that’s just who she is.

They then went on to discuss TikTok, which has been a massive hit for JoJo, especially during lockdown, and has allowed her to gain new followers in a slightly older age bracket.

James Charles / Via

According to JoJo, a lot of teenagers who come across her content on TikTok love it because they see that she’s not fake and is, in fact, awesome.

And the popularity of her business and brand — which is worth a billion dollars according to JoJo and includes bows, jewellery, apparel and bedding.

Anyway, it’s a cute video and I highly recommend watching it to get an insight into JoJo and who she is as a person.

Because at the end of the day, I personally stan both the glam and glitter version of JoJo.

James Charles / Via

Whatever makes her happy, tbh.

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