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Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Just Got A “Game Of Thrones” Throne In Their Home


Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Just Got A “Game Of Thrones” Throne In Their Home

Updated 7 minutes ago. Posted 2 hours ago

Queen in the North forever.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas just welcomed a new addition into their home — and I’m not talking about their newborn daughter.

No, I’m talking about the big-ass Game of Thrones throne that Sophie just posted on her Instagram story.

Instagram: Sophie Turner

It would certainly make a….Stark addition to any room.

If you think this looks rather familiar, then you’d be correct — it’s the throne that [spoiler] Sansa sits on in the show’s finale as Queen in the North.


Good thing she didn’t get the Iron Throne — can’t fathom fitting that through a doorway.

And, TBH, who wouldn’t want to re-create this mood all the time?


Imagine working from home on that bad boy.

Of course, this isn’t the only Stark memento Sophie Turner has — she’s also got a “The pack survives” direwolf tattoo.

Joe also shared the photo of the throne, with an emoji that said, “And that’s the tea” — no doubt a reference to Sophie’s love of the phrase.

Instagram: Joe Jonas

Thankfully, we already knew Joe was a GOT fan.

When you realize @GameOfThrones is over vibes…. Congratulations to everyone that worked on this incredible show! life changing television. I have you to thank for introducing me to the incredible @SophieT 💜 long live the QUEEN OF THE MF NORTH.

All the best to the lovely couple and their new throne!

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