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These 27 Funny Tweets From Indians Seriously Just Made My Week


These 27 Funny Tweets From Indians Seriously Just Made My Week

Updated 3 minutes ago. Posted 3 minutes ago

“Indian pirates be like aye haye captain”

1. This creative genius who sparked a revolution while making us wonder about the plight of the khaali cooker:

First World Problems • Made Kokila Ben sing this time • I love doing harmonies, enjoyed this one a lot • Kahi share karoge toh credits zaroor dena. Dhanyawaad!♥️♥️♥️ #kokilaben #gopinahu #rashi #cooker #saathnibhanasaathiya #yashrajmukhate #ymstudios


Imagine being Kokilaben and having one daughter-in-law washing laptops with soap water and the other taking the chana out of the cooker and placing the empty cooker on the burner. Completely on her side here.

8. This person who shared some pictures of their *perfect* modaks:

I made Modak guys. This was my third batch over the last month. But I’m happy with my final results.

9. And then this happened:

10. Also this:

11. These on-point tweets about Indian parents:

Third wheeling a really toxic couple is so hard🥴 So anyway, i’m out with my parents


Bruh white parents be like “alright you’ve been bad so as a punishment, go to your room and enjoy privacy”

14. This thread in which I can’t spot the differences:

15. And these observations:

the funniest person you know in real life does not have a twitter account, just an instagram with 12 followers where one picture of a sunset was posted in 2015


can’t wait till the whites discover chyavanprash and call it herbal marmite or something


Twitter and Tinder should exchange their logos. Tinder pe sirf hawa mein baatein hoti hai aur Twitter pe humesha aag lagi hoti hai.


‘If you pronounce Hinge and Bumble differently they sound like Maharashtrian surnames’ and other useless thoughts how’s it going with you all?

24. Indian television shows were truly on fire last week:

26. While this mosquito had issues:

27. And finally, this accurate summation of 2020:

Most 2020 conversations are an infinite loop that start at ‘Kya chal raha hai’ and end at ‘Yeh chal kya raha hai’.

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