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25 Things That Belong On Your Birthday Wish List


25 Things That Belong On Your Birthday Wish List

These games are both simple and fun to play!

For BuzzFeed Listicles, just choose a category, fire up that big beautiful brain of yours, make a list, and win some sweet, sweet imaginary points for it. After the round, roll the BuzzFeed die to award bonus points to the most Trashy, WTF, Ew, Hot, Basic or OMG answer. Categories range from “Celebrities That Probably Smell Good” and “Insults That Don’t Contain A Curse Word” to “Things That Deserve A Round Of Applause Just For Existing.”

For 2000s Trivia, you’ll get to play over 400 pop culture trivia questions crammed with phat pictures, sweet trivia, and various game challenges. You can also divide into teams and face challenges like Double or Nothing, Head-To-Head Battles, Drawing, Clue Giving, Image Cards, and more.

Promising review (listicles): “Brought this one up to the cabin and had a blast with it! There are tons of funny categories in there so you could replay it forever. For anyone that really likes listing games like Scattergories, this is a fun alternative.” —MJ

Get them from Target: the Listicles game for $19.99 and the Trivia game for $14.99

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