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I Finally Watched The First Episode Of “Glee” — Wow, Do I Have A Lot Of Thoughts


I Finally Watched The First Episode Of “Glee” — Wow, Do I Have A Lot Of Thoughts

Why did no one tell me Mr. Schue is a snack?

Confession: I’ve never seen an episode of Glee. I’ve obviously heard fabulous things about the show over the years, but I just never got around to it.

And I figured there’s no better time than now to catch up on all the TV I missed out on! So here are my thoughts on the pilot:

1. No way, Jane Lynch is in this?! She’s sooo good at playing the bad guy. Perfect casting.

2. Excuse me, why did no one tell me the main teacher in this show is a SNACK?! He makes me wanna take Spanish again.

3. OMG! It’s Mr. Bates from Freaky Friday!!! I hope he’s a better teacher in this show.

Fox/ Buena Vista

4. I guess I spoke too soon…

5. Emma is really ahead of her time with the constant cleaning of public surfaces.

6. Anyone else watch Tina slapping her thighs on stage and immediately think of Mean Girls?

Fox/ Paramount

7. Is it just me, or is Rachel the most pretentious teenager in the history of teen dramas?

8. I wonder which song Rachel has on her MySpace page. Probably something from Les Mis.

9. WTH is wrong with this school where they just toss people in dumpsters and throw drinks in people’s faces??

10. Maybe the school should focus less on the Cheerios making it onto Fox Sports Net and more on their bullying.

11. So far, Rachel seems like a horrible person. Why is she the lead of the show??

12. Okay, this principal is a TOTAL asshat. Ableism is alive and well, folks.

13. This chick is tripping. Your sweet husband just surprised you at work with your favorite sandwich, and you’re pissed about the mayo?! Just scrape it off!

14. Do people actually do this? I’m very concerned right now.

15. Ummm, okay? The inappropriate teacher is back and pushing drugs on Mr. Schue? Can someone please explain why he’s getting ANY airtime?

16. LMAO, this is such a dick move, but I have to admit I laughed really hard here.

17. So no one’s gonna say anything about Rachel randomly shoving Artie’s wheelchair across the stage? Alrighty.

18. Pump the brakes, girlfriend. Kelly Rowland is an INCREDIBLE artist in her own right. I will not stand for you tarnishing her good name.

19. LOL, stashing your secret shopping sprees in the closet so your man doesn’t see? Big mood.

20. What’s with all the problematic men in this show?! If a woman says no, she means no, dude.

21. I know Mr. Schue is married, but these two have SO MUCH chemistry!! I secretly hope they end up together.

22. Yikes, Vocal Adrenaline is some stiff competition for our Glee Club… I’m a bit worried now. Mostly because of their cool outfits.

23. Yesss, Finn saving Artie from the horrific porta potty smells warms my heart!

24. The casual homophobia from the jocks is not cute, guys.

25. Aww, their performance is so good that Mr. Schue will stay! This is the wholesome content I need.

26. Glee is the perfect combo of teen dramas and musicals — my two favorite genres! Despite all the problematic guys, this show is dope AF. I finally get why so many people are into it.

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